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Jared Jacobson Law, LLC

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JJ Law Wave
Guiding You Through the Waves of Legal Uncertainty…

JJ Law is committed to helping you learn to “read the waves” a/k/a surf the legal process, along with us at your side…pointing your board in the right direction and teaching you how to paddle and giving you a push…while doing our best to keep you out of the impact zone and getting you back to the beach safely given your legal challenges. It will ultimately be UP TO YOU with our trusted guidance…so when you are ready, give us a call and let’s start paddling out together!

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While not an expert surfing waves in the ocean or in life, there are several traits shared between them, serving as a useful metaphor in shaping and explaining Jared A. Jacobson, Esq.’s perspective.

Whether we are stuck in the “impact zone” taking waves on the head over and over, swallowing water, running out of breath… or sitting on the outside between unmanageable sets of monster waves, “waiting” for the safest or most desired route into the beach, we can and perhaps we should be patient…however, we can not sit on the proverbial sideline indefinitely. There comes a time when we MUST COMMIT to some action or understand that failing to commit IS the action – EVEN WITHOUT absolute certainty of the consequences…we MUST decide and act when the opportunity presents itself.

We CAN’T sit on the beach hoping to surf only safe and perfect waves….we will never paddle out…This option is too dangerous.

We CAN’T sit on the inside forever taking waves on the head indefinitely…we will only drown eventually…This option is too dangerous.

We CAN’T avoid the waves all together, as they will certainly manifest and present themselves in a different format, continuing to roll in as sure as the sun rises…This option is also too dangerous.

What we CAN DO is learn to surf the waves, even in the storms…We always have the choice, to point our board in what we hope to be the right direction, start paddling as best we can…and when it starts pulling and pushing, whatever it takes…GET up and ride!

–Jared A. Jacobson, Esq.
CALL OR TEXT (215) 406-1234 LinkedIn Clubhouse
Attorney, Jared A. Jacobson, Esq., Sonny Banks Radio Show, December 1, 2020 (please click HERE for full interview)
CALL OR TEXT (215) 406-1234 LinkedIn Clubhouse

Client Experiences…

“Wonderful, professional, reliable experience
I am an attorney. I have never had to use an attorney myself. I was even forced to seek an attorney through the Philadelphia Bar Association since I knew no one. And that is where I met Jared. He took care of my issue in a responsible and professional manner as I would expect from a fellow attorney. He resolved my issue efficiently, and the cost was reasonable. Thank you Jared!” 5.0 stars // Posted by John O’D.

“Best Law Firm in NJ & PA“Jared really goes to bat for his clients. He explains the law and procedures in terms we understand. I Highly recommend his services.” 5.0 stars // Posted by Kimberly M.

“Great Lawyer, Great Person!
Jared was highly recommended to me from a friend of the family who is also a lawyer. I am really happy that I was introduced to him. He is knowledgeable, prompt, and hard working. Jared is a genuine lawyer and person. I highly recommend him to anyone. Jared is a pleasure to work with.” 5.0 stars // Posted by Hieu B.

“Jared, I think you and your firm have been just wonderful in completing my problem successfully. No one else could have done what you and your firm did. It seemed impossible with all of the obstacles” Cecil Mosenson, Wilt Chamberlin’s high school coach 5.0 stars // Posted by Cecil M.

CALL OR TEXT (215) 406-1234 LinkedIn Clubhouse

What Exactly Do We DO Here?


EMPLOYEE RIGHTS: Age, Gender, Disability, Race, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Family Medical Leave Act, New Jersey Family Leave Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) Representation


Independent Contractor/Consulting Agreements
Talent Management Agreements
Influencer Marketing Agreements
Sponsorship & Endorsement Agreements
Music Licensing – Music Publishing Agreements


Licensing / SaaS
NFT’s – Creator Counsel
Creator Representation / IP Rights Protection
Digital Asset Counsel
Co-Creator Agreements ChatGPT ~ Legal Prompts


Non-Competition/Non-Solicitation/Non-Disclosure Agreements (“NDA’s”)/Negotiations
Commercial Contract Negotiations
Employment Counseling in connection with Transactions/Liquidity Events/Change of Management/Change of Control
General Corporate/Entity Formation/By-Laws/Minutes


Government Fraud – False Claims Act or “Qui Tam” Litigation in the form of Healthcare Fraud, Defense Contractor Fraud, Medical Billing Fraud, Visa Fraud and generally Billing for Worthless Services
OSH Act Retaliation (“OSHA”)
Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”)/Dodd-Frank
Securities & Exchange Commission (“SEC”)

Severance & Separation Agreements
Executive Compensation Negotiations
Restrictive Covenants – Non-Compete Agreements, Non-Solicitation Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements
Employment Agreements

CALL OR TEXT (215) 406-1234 LinkedIn Clubhouse


HERE IS THE DEAL: We Have the Inside Track because we speak with Employees All Day Long and Counsel them on How to “Protect” Themselves Against their Employers!

Having counseled and litigated on behalf of employees AGAINST EMPLOYERS for nearly 20 years, Jared A. Jacobson, Esq. brings an extremely unique perspective into uncovering and eliminating brewing employee issues often buried enough not to discover but visible enough legally to assert claims against the target company often once it is too late (by design when counseled by JJ Law).

UNLIKE your typical cookie-cutter defense/management-side “Big Law” firm approach (great attorneys, much respect, but they are limited by their experience…yes, it’s true…they are…they are), they simply DO NOT have the perspective to counsel their corporate clients from an Employee’s Perspective, the JJ Law Perspective…

Train HR and Senior Management how to IDENTIFY and MINIMIZE employee issues prior to escalation and Demand Letters from JJ LAW!


Employment Litigation/Risk Mitigation
Human Resource/Employment Audits
Social Media Policy Audit
Workplace Violence/Safety Audit
HR/Legal Training for Management
Sexual Harassment
Workplace Predators & Victim Management
Proper Employee Classification (FLSA)

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Workplace Assault (Sexual Assault)
Age Discrimination
Hostile Work Environment
Workplace Violence/Safety Audit

Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act (“PMWA”), Pennsylvania Wage Payment & Collection Law (“WPCL”)

Commercial Real Estate Transactions Commercial Leases

CALL OR TEXT (215) 406-1234 LinkedIn Clubhouse

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